International Pastry Chef Consultant
The specialist in first class Pastry, Chocolate & Sugar Work seminars
We are very happy and proud to announce the creation of this
professional service available to  hotels, hotels chains, cruise
lines, culinary schools, hotel schools with culinary arts section.

After many years of experience as Executive Pastry Chef in some of
the World's largest hotels in Las Vegas, after several years as
Corporate Pastry Chef for some of the best cruise lines and with 8
years of teaching credentials,
Chef Denis P. Martig is happy to

The pastry field is changing; the tastes and trends are changing.
MARTIG CONSULTING will introduce the latest techniques, new
ideas and a great variety of items that are guaranteed to satisfy
your most demanding guests or passengers.
Chef Martig is well
aware of the five stars hotels requirements and expectations for its
guests, from room service amenities to personalized wishes

Our services will consist, among other things, of no less than 16
individual and comprehensive seminars covering the pastry field
widely and in a professional manner. The seminars can be given
individually or a program consisting of several seminars can be
organized to fit a client's needs. Of course, beside our seminars,
we have a certain flexibility as to provide the best services for our
clients. Depending on certain specific needs, we are open to
suggestions and we will try to accommodate every request. For
Chef Martig can design desserts cycles for cruise line at
the Line's Corporate Office and then implement them on board

The main advantage of
MARTIG CONSULTING is that Chef will come
to your facility at your convenience; you won't have to send your
employees to a far away pastry school. In fact, the school is coming
to you! Thus no loss of production time will occur.
Another advantage of this concept is that several Pastry Chefs from
the same company can attend the seminars at the same time. The
client can also invite Pastry Chefs from other companies and
charge a fee; the number of participants will be restricted only by the
size of the client's pastry kitchen or facility.